I have completed or reviewed thousands of personal injury, workers compensation, and medical malpractice claims. The vast majority that were pursued ended with a recovery to my client, with cases settling from as little as $1,000 to as much as $2,000,000.  I cannot guarantee a certain monetary amount, because every set of circumstances is different.

Over the years, I have defended hundreds of DWI, misdemeanor, and traffic cases.  I have also represented quite a few felony criminal cases, some of which were very high profile. I have a talent for organizing a good defense strategy. After I began work with the Cortinez Law Firm, only a small percentage of felony jury trials resulted in client convictions, and even then, at least one resulted in probation and not penitentiary time. Most of those trials were for Class Y felonies, where the defendant was facing ten-to-forty years or life in prison. One was an acquittal after a federal drug trial.

I don't know everything regarding the practice of law, but with over twenty years of experience, I know that I am an expert on where to look for answers.

The Hosto Law Firm       January 1992 to August 1993 Bankruptcy and collections work

The Cortinez Law Firm   August 1993 to May 2000 General practice, Workers' Compensation, Criminal Defense

The Boyd Law Firm        May 2000 to February 2002 Medical Malpractice

The Crockett Law Firm   February 2002 to June 2010 Automobile Accidents and Personal Injury Cases

The Boyd Law Firm        June 2010 to March 2012 Medical Malpractice